When I was a little girl I was called Nina Nou and although I’m still fairly little, I completed my MA at the RCA in 2003 and went on to work as a designer in the USA and in Germany for many years, first for Puma and then for Adidas.

I decided to wave goodbye to the world multi-national companies and set sail on my own so I could create a range of products with designs that show the wonderful magical animals; four legged, feathered, furred or finned, that live with us in our world.

For as long as I can remember I have loved to draw Animals. Maybe it was all those trips to London Zoo as a child, maybe all those walks on the Heath, in the countryside and the forest, that gave me such a love of the natural world.

Nina Nou is a brand for Animal Lovers young and old, raising awareness of nature, environments and the creatures, including us! that live within them. My brand mission is to create a connection, between our love of Animals and our need to protect and care for the planet.

All my products are Ethically made within the UK.

I work from my small and cosy studio in North London, under the watchful eye of my dog Ziggy.

Look carefully, and you may find him  hiding in some of my designs!

Photo Credit  @andydonohoephoto