I have launched a KickStarter project to raise money to produce a hardback Illustrated Children's Book of my latest story "The Bird that Swallowed the Moon". Its is a fable about a very little bird who loves the sound of his own voice.  He sings so loudly that he never listens to the other birds in the forest. Until one fateful night he accidentally swallows the moon. This is a story about the importance of listening, community and connection,  of how things are better together. This book comes with a beautiful downloadable Lullaby which has been written, performed and produced by my talented friend The Woods. 
Making this an immersive experience, of story telling through Art, Sound and Music to transport, engage and relax you and your children into the magical woods at night time. Play the lullaby during or after you have read them the story, or whilst turning the pages. 


Check out the project HERE!